Riverfield offers robots that are not only precise, but also achieve gentle movements like a human.
We listen sincerely to the voices from the medical field and support high-quality minimally invasive surgery that can be performed with peace of mind for patients, physicians, and nurses.

Some of the products introduced here include ones that have not yet been approved under the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Act.
Such products may not be sold or granted in any form. The information contained herein is subject to change as it contains information that is still under development.






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Ophthalmic surgical assist robot as a third hand of the surgeon

This robotic system holds intraocular endoscopes and intraocular illumination light guides that allow direct observation of the inside of the eye.
The robot allows the surgeon to use both his/her hands to hold the surgical forceps, and allows for a safe procedure without shaking the endoscopic image or light point, even during lengthy surgeries.

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Endoscope manipulator robot in pursuit of smaller compact size

We achieved a compact design, approximately one-third the size of conventional models. Interference between the surgeon and the robot is reduced, allowing the surgery to proceed in a comfortable space.
The number of parts has been reduced, enabling lower costs compared to conventional models.
In addition, in pursuit of a smooth setting, a function that eliminates the need for fixed point setting allows the surgeon to simply insert the endoscope into the cavity at all times without positioning.
This endoscopic manipulator robot provides smooth movement and a good view field through pneumatic drive, and enables collaborative surgery between the surgeon and the robot.

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Endoscope manipulator robot that enables the surgeon to operate the endoscope at will.

The manipulator moves in conjunction with the movement of a head sensor attached to the surgeon's head, allowing intuitive operation.
It provides a stable endoscopic field of view without blurring even during long surgeries. The operation can be done by pressing a manual switch, or directly by hand to control the viewpoint.

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