EMARO Gentle, smooth motions combined with an ultra-steady view



Endoscope manipulator robot that enables the surgeon to operate the endoscope at will.

Intuitive operation by moving the manipulator in conjunction with the movement of the head sensor attached to the surgeon's head.
Switchable between automatic operation and direct viewpoint operation.
Provision of a stable endoscopic field of view without blurring, even during long surgeries.


World’s First Pneumatic Endoscope Manipulator

EMARO is the world’s first pneumatically driven endoscope manipulator robot.
It uses pneumatic control to achieve gentle, smooth movements.

Intuitive Viewing Controls

The user can operate the robot in conjunction with a head sensor attached to the head to manipulate the endoscope.
Pressing the manual switch also enables direct viewpoint control by hand.

Stable View

EMARO firmly maintains positions when stopped, preventing blurring of the endoscopic image.


Medical equipment manufacturing and marketing license number 13B1X10216000001
Category Specially-designated medical devices requiring maintenance (Specially-designated medical devices requiring maintenance, Category 5, Optical instruments)
Common name endoscope holder(16240000)
Rated Voltage AC 100V
Rated Current Consumption 5.4A
Weight 125kg
Holder range of motion Pan:±90º
Zoom in/out:±100mm
Range of arm motion First knuckle joint 304º
Second knuckle joint 320º
Tilt (up/down) 363mm
Manipulator position adjustability (roll) 329º

CG image of EMARO

Drawing of EMARO


  • This device is for endoscopic use only. Do not connect anything other than an endoscope.
  • Use only designated supplies with the device.
  • Do not use in highly clean areas (bio-clean rooms).

Catalog Download

Endoscope Manipulator System "EMARO" Catalog (PDF)

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