IvyA1 Creating a new endoscopic surgery with the surgeon


About the IvyA1

The IvyA1 has been developed based on the needs of clinical practice.

It is an endoscope holder robot that can be used in surgical procedures.
It is compact and is capable of proceeding cooperatively with the surgeon during the surgery.
It is a next-generation endoscope holder robot that enables smoother laparoscopic surgery.
The compact design, lightweight, and light-guided operation of IvyA1 provide a more comfortable laparoscopic surgery.
It allows the surgeon to move to the desired position, providing a stable surgery.


The IvyA1 is an endoscope holder robot that enables comfortable laparoscopic surgery due to its compact design, lightweight, and light-guided operation.
The endoscope can be moved to the surgeon's desired position, providing a stable surgical field.



A compact design, about one-third that of conventional models, has been achieved.
The compact design reduces interference between the surgeon and the robot, allowing surgery to proceed in a stable and comfortable space.

Can be used by clamping to the operating table

Improved Range of Motion

The operating range is doubled compared to the conventional models so that a wider range of intra-abdominal regions can be observed.
The improved range of motion allows for a wider range of observation during surgical procedures.

Twice the operating range of conventional machines

Smooth Operation

A pneumatic control mechanism allows the robot to operate the endoscope with soft movements.
Positioning the endoscope in the abdominal cavity (immobility point setting) can be done without aligning the immobility points, allowing the surgeon to simply insert the endoscope into the cavity without positioning.

Since the trocar position is automatically recognized, the operator simply inserts the endoscope into the cavity to start the operation.
Automatic recognition of the trocar position allows the surgeon to begin the operation simply by inserting the endoscope into the cavity.


The number and size of the parts can be reduced by miniaturization, which contributes to reduced manufacturing and maintenance costs, resulting in a low-cost introduction.



Medical equipment manufacturing and marketing license number 13B1X10216000002
Category Class 1
Common name endoscope holder
Power source, voltage AC100-240V、50/60Hz
Power consumption 130VA
Weight 12.6kg
Maximum external dimensions [when extended](width x height x depth)
*Excluding protrusions, etc.
260 × 1127 × 180mm

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